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Violet Hill, The Crown Jewel of Cane River Lake

Violet Hill History

Dr. Edward C. Lawton

Dr. Edward G. Lawton

Dorthy Lawton Poleman

Dorothy Lawton Poleman

The house was built between 1880 - 1890 and owned by the Genoe heirs and the structure was known as the Natchitoches Ice Company, Ltd.  

On October 10, 1904 it sold to Dr. Edward G. Lawton and was used as the Cottage Hospital.  In 1917 Dr. Lawton started using the house as a family home.  Through the years he added several rooms to the original four.  He, and his wife, Marie Catherine Prudhomme, had four Children,  A.G., Elisabeth, Dorothy, and Ferdinand. Dr. and Mrs. Lawton continued to live in the home until their deaths.  

Marie Catherine Prudohome

Marie  Catherine Prudhomme

In 1921 Dr. Lawton's daughter, Dorothy, married George Poleman, Sr., son of the City's Mayor Theodore Edward Poleman, who was assassinated in 1922.  Upon their return to Natchitoches, Dorothy lived in the home with their children, Mary, Jane, and George, Jr.  The home was sold to George Jr., Who raised his six children there, George III, Terry Elisabeth, Patricia Ann, Kenneth Lawton, James Craig, and Jennifer Marie.   After 84 years in the Lawton family the house sold in 1988. 

Violet Hill Bed and Breakfast Circa 1944

Circa 1944 - Photo taken after a snow storm

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